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That Badge

Its so easy to think of the word that represented my week, Blue Petter Badge!
We did an entry last Saturday. For a purple badge!
A review of the show. Its just so amazing how keen my son is in answering the questions in the form.
That moment I knew that his heart is so into getting a badge!

Monday he drew a whale before school and we were able to finish it and was ble to drop it in the post box on our school run.

Few days ago he made a video. Him playing his toy piano of a composition. A song that he made. And we sent it last last night.
A large file! It safe to say that he is a wee bit obsessed and I love how it makes him think of the things that he can do to
earn that badge.

And made me realized how I just usually give up on things that I want and this little boy is working hard to get what he wants.

There might be a lesson in there somewhere for mr =P

Badge is my word of the week.


The Reading Residence
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A Boy In The Middle

My son is going to be 6 years old soon (too soon if you ask me) and his birthday gift wish is a Blue Peter Badge.

It all started when he is a bit bored with Cbeebies and opted to watch Danger Mouse in the mornings.
Then his creative mind was captured by Art Ninja and that 'Ninja Skillz' expression became a norm in the house.
He also love Project Ouch. The more grosse the better haha!

Then he saw one oif the host of a show called Blue Peter inside a balloon trying to cycle in the ocean!
He started watching this show and then he found out about the badge.
He was heartbroken when he found out that its only for 6 years old.
Just like how he is heartbroken when his classmates are (almost) all 6 and he is still 5.
He cant wait to get to that age before and he is more eager to be 6 now.

Few months on and he is really near that age. He drew a whale and we sent it to the show.
We then printed a review form a week after and we answered it early Saturday and
sent it by afternoon just in time for postman to get the mails.
I have to admit that my son's handwriting needs a lot of patience to read
but I can tell you that he worked hard to answer the questions in there.
I am going ahead with this because he wants that badge so bad and he is working hard to get one.

And few hours ago we watched the website of the show and looked at videos of how kids got their badge and his mind is now
flooded with ideas on how to get another one! Recruiting me to learn how to scooter for a sport badge! Goodluck with that =P

And how I wish I can get him one of those badge. For some reason other than all the effort that he is giving to get it.

I would give him the gold badge. Its not just because I am bias cuz he is my son but also because
our family is in the middle of a big change and the only person who is handling it very well is him.

In the breakdown of my marriage there is a kid in the middle.

And that kid in the middle is still happy and smiling and going ahead with his life even if his parents are always on each other's heels.
Even if sometimes he is a referee to warring parents.

That kid in the middle is always the sunshine to both the parents who are always in the dark
because the love that has bonded them is no longer anough for them to be still together.

That kid in the middle is always ready to give his mother a hug when she is on the brink of giving up on everything.

My son is the only reason why I am still sane even on the darkest days. My partner in crime!

It might take a lot to have that elusive gold badge but to me you are the gold badge.
Someone I am most proud of to wear (to be with).

You did not win a nobel peace prize or an oscar but you saved me and still is saving me.

You are my Superhero, SuperSeb!

And because I am cheesy as ... I drew him a badge! I tweaked the original blue peter badge and other sunshine!
He likes the drawing but he said he cant wear it and he cant use it to enter attractions hehe so there goes my effort =P


Clocks & Bracelets

I am always in love with flowers! And I am so happy that spring is slowly making it presence felt over here.
So when I got a free time to take photos outside I grabbed the opportunity.
And if you follow me on instagram you might notice how I am so in love with dandelion clocks!

And well I cant stop taking more photos of them haha!

I was suppose to solely dedicate this post to dandelion clocks but I cant help but share to you this photo of a bracelet hanging on a tree.
I might have seen so many of them in this park before but this is the only time I paid attention as this bracelet is new.
I was thinking is this a sign of love? Instead of hurting the tree by engraving your name you decorate it with bracelets?
Like those lovelocks? I love the idea or I just love how I interpret this.

It started to get dark and I worry about my laundry hanging outside my terrace so I went home
but I promise to go back to take more photos of the bracelets on the trees next time I come back.

And I promise to share it here with you!


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Faking It

Not the best title but the real gist of our story. We are always on the beach and we would bring snacks.
A lot of times my son would ask if we can get lunch in the beach like the others who visit. Usually tourist would line up
for fish and chips and eat the thing on a styro box and will be harassed by the seagulls.

Seagulls dont usually fancy an apple or banana so they dont leave us alone. I think what my son wants is to be like
tourist even for once. I dont really have the money to buy expensive seaside fish and chips hehe.

So I cooked one at home, cooked some french fries as well and then transfered everything in a reusable plastic box.

The french fries got soggy but the fish is okay. Not too hot and ready for eating.

Which is what we did! Funny how the seagulls still didnt bug us. Should I be thankful for that?
Should I bribe them to follow us for me to feel like a proper tourist? Hehe I think I will skip the seagulls part
and just savor the face of my son while eating the fish!



Catch Me If You Can

Its already the end of the week and my head still thinks its a Monday or Tuesday (mostly Monday).
Time is flying fast and I am having a hard time keeping up hehe.

And when I say I am having a hard time keeping up its usually on the blogging bits and oh okay everything!
Blogging and chores.

I was planning on commenting on all the linky and yet I only manage to finish last Sunday's today.
So here I am apologizing. I will make it up to you next week when I am better.

So what's wrong with me? Is there something wrong with me?
I was just having a half term separation anxiety. I have a hangover of the holiday.
Part of me still wants it to be holiday and in reality the hollidays ended days ago.

Its so nice that the week is ending so that I can have a time to adjust my head. I hope I can.
Its not so nice to be delayed. Its not so nice that every one is moving so fast and I am like moving in slow motion.

As to why I added this selfie of me in this post. I dont know either. Haha.
Its probably because a camera is something constant about me always lately.
A security blanket that tells me that though time is flying fast I have my camera to capture fleeting moments
to look at when my brain is ready to face realities that I dont want to face.

My word of the week is fleeting.

The Reading Residence
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Eminems, Pencils and Superheroes

Armed with our M&Ms peanuts (not sponsored) we went to the park!
We also brought some drawing stuff with us like pens and papers and his create comic book book.
While he is busy munching on the chocies and drawing and being ever so serious with his book
(or maybe its just the sun thats why he is squinting hence giving him the serious look) I am walking around taking photos.

Photos mostly of him being creative at the park and the flowers and blooms around us.

After he created a seperhero named after him he jumped around throwing sticks,
chasing an imaginary villain which gave me some time to have a fast pencil sketch of
this cafe.

Its not tidy and its just pencil but I think its nice enough.
I am planning on doing some more but I think I am creeping out the waiter so I stopped and just watched my son play.

This is what spring is for me and I cant wait for more sessions like this! I am planning on doing the bandstand next time we visit and I hope no one is there to get creeped out by a lady with her sketchpad and pencil =P


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At Home

I think that my blog is saturated with Beach post (sorry).
We basically live there and my son is so at home at the beach that everytime we visit (everyday really)
he would just slump down on the sand.

He doesnt care of the saltiness or the sand getting on his shirt or *gasp* his hair and eyes he just have this urge to be one with the sand.
He needs to touch it. Embrace it and hug it . Maybe even at the degree of homesickness that I have
theres still this one thing that I would miss here in the UK if ever (read: never) I will go home. Its the beach as I live in the city there.

I will miss the beach and how accessible it is for us.

And how comfortable my son is with it. And I am happy with that. I am happy to raise a child that
feels one with nature. How he is not scared of the water, the waves, the mud and the sand.
A kid that is not scared to be dirty and wet. A boy who chases seagulls and pigeons and crows.

I might have complained a lot thru comments in the other blog how I dont have a garden for my son to play in, how I dont have a space but
come to think of it, I really do have the biggest playground for my son: the beach.

We are going to go again this afternoon because the beach is calling our name and we can never say no to its invitation!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


An Ode To Easter Break

My son made this lego set all by himself (no help from me and while I am bugging him to pose with every chance I get!)
and he said that the characters looks like us!
And they do as I love to paint and he loves to do funny expressions!
Easter break ends today for us and on Monday its back to school grind.

Right about now I am already missing our walks on the beach, bike and scooter rides. Sand digging and creating sand angels.
I know that we can still do this on our school run but there would be less energy and freedom.
I am also going to miss his presence. His willingness to pose for me while I am taking photos in the park and the beach or while he is making Lego!
I'll miss ideas on how to pose and how to make my photos even better.
He is always willing to give a smile and a hug and a kiss when needed too! Such generosity and creativity.

2 weeks ago I have a weak child due to the illnesses that we got before school break. Now he is back to his normal self
and is so eager to go back to learning! Truly this break is needed.
And the things that we did no matter how simple (and free) did wonders to both our tired souls!

So much more had happened that I cant talk about in the blog.
And yes they stressed him out. I think they can be too much for a 5 year old boy.
I wish I can protect him from those events but I cant. Its beyond my control.
But if theres something that he learned (and I have proven hopefully) from those
is that no matter what happens I am there for him as much as he is there for me.
Those events made our bond stronger.
Those events made me realized how at the end of the day its only really him
and me against everything and everyone.

Easter break is over and spring is finally here.
I think its safe to say that we are both born again.
Or at least better persons than we are 2 weeks ago.

Reborn is my word of the week.

The Reading Residence

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