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Summer Nights

Begins with S >>> sunset and Sebastian (he is in there somewhere). #fms #fms_startswiths #fmsphotoaday #westonseafront #beach #seaside #lowtide #sunset #gosebgo #countrykidsfun #sky #seascape #horizon #landscape #beachwalk #summer2017 #snaptripsummer

We found a 'small' stick at the beach. My son carried it all over and used it as a pen, decorated it like a Christmas tree and planned on bringing it home. Good thing I managed to convince him that our stick lives there and we can't take it away. With a heavy heart he let it go and wished that we can see him again on our next walk. He loves his stick so much I almost said yes we can bring it home 🌅#childhood #childhoodunplugged #worldoflittles #explorerkids #countrykidsfun #clickinmoms #parenting #beach #sunset #beachwalk #boy #cloud #cloudporn #horizon #photography #silhouette #snaptripsummer #inspiringadventures #freespiritedchildhood #westonsupermare #westonseafront #littletrekkers #littlefierceones

He wants to ride this, one day I said 😊😅 #childhood #summer2017 #childhoodunplugged #mummyshot #clickinmoms #ferriswheel #westonsupermare #westonseafront #lights #nightimewalk

When the weather started to get really warm my son started to get nosebleeds so we try to stay at home when its midday and try to enjoy what's left of the day outside usually walking at the seafront.

And effectively enough we never experienced any bleeding again.

Seeing the beach at night in summer gives us a view that we have never seen before. The beauty of lights, sunset and being able to enjoy the evening without the coldness of autumn and the heat of the midday sun.

And we only have a few days to experience this some more as school will start soon.
Hopefully this sinful new habit will not cause problems when we go back to the routine of waking up early for school.
Goodluck to me =P

But I will worry about that next week, for now my son and I will enjoy the colours that you can only see when the sun is setting on summer nights.

The sun went awol few seconds after this photo. Everyone at the seafront is looking at the horizon in awe of the amazing view 😊#westonseafront #sunset #sun #seascape #summer2017 #beach #westonsupermare #orange #cloud #clouds #cloudporn #beachwalk #nightwalk

The Reading Residencepssst if you want to see more photos of us please follow our instagram here> pixiedusk.

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Walk The Walk

I have to admit that I am envious of other people who are posting their holiday trips on social media. Our summer involves me bringing my son to work and then just biking at the seafront in between. I feel so guilty too as my son is asking if we can go to Cardiff. He remember our trips there before and how we go to Cardiff Castle. He remember listening to those talking guides and he wants to visit the Lego store of curse! Sadly it will be costly to go there so no dice on that one. His other request is if we can go to Uphill. That is more manageable so we planned it! It is a bus ride away but we decided to bike (him) / walk (me) to go there and that is what we did today!

We have food in our backpacks and of we go!

I am so worried that he would complain or give up somewhere in the middle of going there. But he didn't. We just talked about so many things that we see while going there. His memories of when we go there before as a family triggered by the landmarks we are passing by. Its seems like eons ago when my family was still intact.

We finally arrive and he was so happy to see the place again telling me what he remember of the place.

My explorer leading the way =)

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Changing Body

I was doing some flowers arrangement at the church's altar when I smelled something burning. Yes my hair. A candle burned the ends. Maybe it's a sign that I already need to cut it 😜 #thankstococonutoilforthishair #longhair #longhairdontcare #beach #beachhair

I use to have thick hair. When I gave birth I started losing some and then some more and then now looking at it I probably have 1/3 left compared to before my pregnancy. I am not just blaming my pregnancy of course. Theres depression, the change of weather and me getting older (yipes!).

I use to hate my thick hair as there is so much of it. Its not straight and nice flowing but wavy and frizzy so the only way to go is to tie it.

Probably not the best idea as I am suppressing my hair more that way isnt it?

But now its going away. There was even a time on the peak of my depression when I thought I am going bald as the side of my forehead is so thin and you can literally see the skin and I have to cover that part of my face just so my side forehead wont show. I have to have bangs just to cover it. I am so scared of that time. Battling something bad and losing something that you has so much of before made that time scarier for me. And then add a bad case of dandruff and there you go. Depression doesnt only affect your mental health but your overall well being and my body is showing signs of how bad of a state my mind was in starting with my head, my hair. I gained so much weight too.

I am still in bad shape but I am trying my best to heal depression. On some days of course I am better but on some days depression wins. But I know that I am way better than before because my hair is slowly growing back. I am not expecting something like before but seeing baby hairs on sides of my forehead grow back is such a relief. Such an inspiration to make myself better than before.

I am so proud of my body and how its coping. I have never given it much attention and care in years and I am failing it in so many ways. Abusing it. And forgetting that its the only one that I have and I have to take care of it otherwise its going to give up one day when it can no longer take the abuse that I am putting my self and mind in.

So today I am giving my hair and my body what it deserves, a mention here. A mention on how my body and mind is slowly healing.
I would like to think that my hair holds the history of what had happened to my body. Its there. My story and timeline. And I would want to think that the bad story is at the ends. And the after that the good ones are starting. That I have now the power to cut the bad ends. My hair is a reminder for me that life will get better from now on and that the bad things are already at the end waiting to be removed. It might be summer now but for me spring is just starting.

Goodbye Photobucket

  • If you are going to go back in my post you will notice that my photo was not visible anymore. Photobucket is now paid if you want photos in it to connect to blogs or other websites. Photobucket is special to me as I have been using it since I started blogging. 10 years or so I think and I would have supported it if their plans are properly priced. I am not earning from my blog and I cant afford the plan500. So its goodbye. I understand their position and I just wish that they reached out before suddenly stopping some of their old service. I have lost 10years worth photos on the blog and I have been thinking on ways to sort it out.  I still havent found any solution but I know I eventually will. But just the same I feel that I lost so much memories. On the bright side I found out that I have a wee bit space in this blog to store photos. And here one that I took on a sunny windy day at the beach near my house! 

Happy Climber



Climbing his favorite tree always makes him happy.
This time its shaky because of the wind and he needs to cling to the branches tighter.

Living Arrows


Local To Me

When we visited Bristol Aquarium we did not only see lovely sea creatures but also tropical plants. I always stay there longer looking around as I see plants that are local to me. I feel at home with the warm controlled weather and with the plants that I always see growing up in our small garden in the Philippines.

This one is called Mayana or Coleus. Always important to have a small pot of in the Philippines as we use this to heal bumps. I would always see playmates with Mayana leaf on their body.

This is Bougainvillea. My mothers favorite. She just took a branch of this from someone's garden (shhh dont tell) and planted it and it grew!
We have this color and white and orange too! Whats nicer is its got torns! Put this in your fence and your house will be a wee bit safer from naughty neighbors =P

This is Makahiya or Shy Plant. When you touch the center it will close like its shy hence the name. Its like magic playing with this plant because it closes!
When my Sebastian touched this at Bristol Aquarium he was so amaze! I wish we can grow this in pot!

Standing Still

I have to admit that I probably have gazillions of post about Bristol Aquarium. My son loves the place so much so we always go back.

We use to visit this place as a family of 3 but nowadays its just me and my son.
Its so amazing how one place can be a witness to changes in my life and my family.

And how my family is a witness to the changes of this place.

As my son enjoy looking at the sea creatures while my mind is remembering the memories we have created in this place.
How I use to carry my son to see some displays that too high for him and how he can see most of them by himself now that he is 7.

How his chin can touch that ledge the first time we went here
and maybe standing on it to see the lobster and how he can just see them without any help.

How I need to hold his hand to walk those steps and how shy he is of strangers.
And how I need to go with him to say hi to the pretty Mermaid.

And how he can go and talk to her all by himself.

How he needs my hand to stand up on this tank ledge, how his head touches the low ceiling on our next visits and how he can no longer standup at all because he is way taller now.
And how he use to ask me what  are the fishes inside the tank and how he can read the information in every display all by himself.

He is 7 now. I can not believe it! How fast time flies when you are a parent. How much less and less I am needed.

How much braver of him to explore places by himself.

But now matter how old he gets, even if he is a 100 years old he will always be my baby.


~glimmer of hope~

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