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Missing my Filipino Christmas

Okay I hope you realized that the last entry is me venting out.

I am sorry to have have scared you with my evil ways =P

Im like Jekyll and Hyde. PMS.

Thats... a lapse =P


I really miss my family tho. That is my only wish. For me to be with them and for them to see how big my son is now. When my son left Manila he is four months old. And now he is 3-1/2 years old. He use to be as big as my arm now he is half of me.

9 days before Christmas we have novena (im catholic) and we go to church at 3.30am to hear mass (called Simbang Gabi) and after the mass we go out and eat delicacies that only available in this season.

Yummy food

Its also a belief that after you've completed the novena you can make one wish. Before when I am a teenager I always wish for my crush to like me back but it never happened haha! God prolly doesnt want it to but well... its fun!

Then the day itself. My mother is usually so into cooking so much food. We can feed a whole rugby team! This is because our relatives and godchildren visits our house on Christmas Day. To catch up and we give them gifts or money. Collectively we probably have 100+ godchildren. And this is no joke. I stay on the kitchen and the people will just flow. And I wont stop washing dishes!!!

So tiring right?

Thats probably why we celebrate Christmas Dinner on December 24th midnight. Again food on the table and we eat with the whole family. I can remember how sumptuous my mother's cooking is. The sweets! The ham! The Queso De Bola (edam cheese).

We then give gifts and we go to church by 3-4am for the last day of Novena.

If getting stuck at home is not your holiday thing, You can go out and watch the movies. Every Christmas season they only show Filipino Films (Filmfest) in the cinema. But mind you these films are big budgeted so its not that bad. Most of the movies are made for kids so its imperative to bring your kids.

I would even have this contest with my friends. Who has watched the most of the Filmfest films.

Everything is open! The malls, the stores, the market, the cinemas!


How can you not miss that?

Its different here in the UK.

Christmas dinner is dong christmas evening and my husband has 3 adult member in his family. I have 3 in mine too but I have extended family of.. I dont know 20-30?

Everything is close as well. I remember last year when husband has tummy bug and he needs medicine. I can not get any from anywhere and I was worried sick. Luckily I was able to just supply him with lqiuid non stop.

And well.. coming from a big family it can be a bit lonely.

I am lonely and I wish that ... that I can be in Manila =(

Again, events like this> Christmas is a chance for my family to create our own traditions. No matter how small we are... we are family and Christmas is.. for family.

I will try to.. to do some of the things that I do in Manila here. To cure homesickness and to show my son how we do it.

Merry Christmas Manila (Philippines)> I miss you ever so much.

Happy Christmas UK> Lets make 2013 the best Xmas ever =)



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