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riko renso

When I got hold of the February Issue of Glamour Magazine UK I cried when I saw this competition.
Husband and I are always talking about something/someone that would give us a break. A chance to prosper. A chance to prove ourselves. No one does that anymore. No one gives people like me a platform to show what I have.

I am mostly not confident enough I would tell my husband at night. He said you just need to re-learn things. Knowing how to do things and knowing that you can compete with the young ones can give your confidence a boost.

Wise words. And then he will fall asleep. And I will stay awake, daydreaming of that day when I can do what I love> Architecture & Design.

Going back to the Glamour Magazine UK competition.

photo (60)
I went to the said website and joined but its so confusing. I don't know if I need to answer long or short, or should I write an essay or should I go direct to the point? I was surprised that there's only 2-3 questions. I thought there's going to be a lot =( To make things short I fucked screwed it up =P

So goodbye chance.

This is not 'THAT ONE'


So can I just daydream again of the things that would boost my confidence.

I just want my teeth to be cleaned like in Manila. Just cleaned by a dentist. Then I want a laptop cuz I don't have any. Laptop is 4-5 years old died on me few months ago =(

I need to have programs like CAD and Photoshop. I just need few days to review it. Or if I can really do it have a week study.

That's all.
But I will never get a chance thru Glamour. I should've taken it more seriously. It just doesn't explain it well the website. Can I do it again?

So sad. I thought that this is really it.

Can someone please give me a chance?



~glimmer of hope~

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