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I have so many adjectives in my head to describe my son. Funny. Quirky. Happy, smiley! Thinker. Traffic signs obsessed, baymax lover. By the day more adjectives would add to this list as he is growing, learning and developing.

One thing that I would like to add is competitive. One of the words that his teacher in school used to describe him on our parents eve. I never really saw this right up! My son is an only child and he is always by himself in my living room playing by himself. No competition in that. But looking at him now, yes I have to agree! I can see that word on him. How can I forget the day we went out to an event outside our street and him joining every game! And winning one against the big kids!

But the one person that my son is always competing to I think is himself. He is always striving to be a better version of him. He had work hard in reading. One thing that I never really thought he would do. Work on something to achieve what he wants. He is 4-1/2 and then some! When I was this age I am definitely just playing in school. Definitely.

There are advantages to this and of course disadvantages and I think that that is where I come in as a parent. To hopefully guide him to not be too competitive especially on himself.

I am of course proud of this character and all of other traits that he is acquiring every day. I am so lucky to be able to witness my son evolve into what he is right now and I pray that I will be given time to see what he is going to be. Like any other parent I am so amaze of how he is growing fast everyday.

One thing that I am reminding myself though is that no matter how much he matured since he started school is that he still a child. My child. And learning and growing up can be tiring and frustrating. I need to understand that there will still be tantrums and crying along the way. That he will be needing hugs and cuddles. I am so glad that he still needs them as I am so happy to give them to him when growing up gets a wee bit hard.


And then the fun began...

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Mar. 3rd, 2015 11:48 am (UTC)
From: Mummytries
This is a lovely post Merlinda, and I think your son is very wise to be striving at such a young age to be the best version of himself :-)
Mar. 3rd, 2015 01:34 pm (UTC)
The Crumby Mummy
He looks lik he is having lots of fun I. The last photo. Being competitive obviously makes him happy. :) x
Mar. 3rd, 2015 02:16 pm (UTC)
Aw your son looks like such a cool dude! You must be very proud of him :-) #twinklytuesday

Edited at 2015-03-03 02:17 pm (UTC)
Mar. 4th, 2015 11:52 am (UTC)
Lovely Merlinda. I think having a competitive streak is a good thing... it makes you want to do better like your peers. That's what I tell myself anyway as I am! :)
Mar. 4th, 2015 04:04 pm (UTC)
That's a lovely post and I love your action shots! It's lovely to watch them grow and develop and to see their personalities blossom, but you're right in that they are still little. I love you last paragraph- they still need hugs and cuddles. Always, is what I say!!

From Tracey @ Mummyshire
Brighton Mama
Mar. 4th, 2015 09:01 pm (UTC)
Aw, that's so sweet! Love the photos. He sounds like such a fun and intelligent little boy. A wonderful thing watching our little ones grow and develop :)
Le Coin de Mel
Mar. 4th, 2015 11:30 pm (UTC)
Bless him! Determination is such a great quality. It is so much easier to give up than to work hard and get better. Well done little man!
Mar. 5th, 2015 12:50 am (UTC)
Beautiful Post
You're a wise mama. You may have just identified your little man's greatest strength. And you've already hinted a fear that it may also be his greatest weakness. Maybe. But maybe not. I think he's going to be just fine either way. He's a hard worker and he has your love and sharp eye watching out for him. This was a beautiful post.
Mar. 5th, 2015 10:09 am (UTC)
He is developing his personality and it's lovely to watch. He looks very happy running in that picture. Competitiveness is a great strength, but also needs awareness and understanding as you have said.
Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids
Mar. 5th, 2015 11:41 am (UTC)
Beautiful post, it is so lovely that your son is realising about himself and the world around him x
Mar. 5th, 2015 03:50 pm (UTC)
Kids today are so determined! xx
Samantha P
Mar. 5th, 2015 03:55 pm (UTC)
That's so true Merlinda - our little school boys are growing up before our eyes but they will always be our babies I think. Thanks for linking up to #thetruthabout X
Mar. 5th, 2015 10:13 pm (UTC)
Ah Melinda how lovely, and i think having a competitive is so important to future success, and I love the photo of him running its so lovely xx
Mar. 6th, 2015 06:50 am (UTC)
He sounds like a determined little fellow.
Mar. 6th, 2015 08:53 am (UTC)
I think this can be such a positive aspect to a personality, I hope he harnesses it and it drives him forward in life. Great pics! #brilliantblogposts
Mar. 6th, 2015 10:21 am (UTC)
Ahhh lovely post and I think its great and healthy to have a little competitiveness in us and especially against ourselves. It motivates and pushes us further. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme
Mar. 7th, 2015 01:01 pm (UTC)
It's so interesting to see how your children act in different situations and it really does demonstrate how they are developing into their own little person. Lovely observations #sharewithme
Mar. 8th, 2015 09:04 am (UTC)
Aww what a lovely post. I can see my little one may end up competitive - I feel like it's in his nature! At 2.5 though he's a bit young for me to be completely sure of that! Such a lovely post, I'm sure he'll be really proud that you wrote it :) thanks for linking up to #twinklytuesday - from Lisa at mummascribbles
Mar. 10th, 2015 02:30 pm (UTC)
Another lovely post about your son. He reminds me of my niece she is always trying to better herself, even asked for her exam papers to be regraded! He sounds like a true superstar x
Mar. 10th, 2015 07:44 pm (UTC)
I always enjoy reading your posts, your little S sounds so determined and focussed. I have a very competive son, T, and it's good to see him strive, to constantly do his best but I hope in time he learns that coming second is good too.
Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements
Jeannette @autismmumma
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