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I remember watching Pokemon on TV at home in the Philippines. Unlike the kids today who can either watch the cartoon non stop on youtube or amazon we have to wait for it weekly. I also remember about the movie and right about now the themesong is playing in my head.

When they launched the game Pokemon Go I got excited as its reminds me of the happy past. I was a bit late in getting the game as my phone is not that dependable nowadays. We got it on and my son and I shared the game. We are so bad at it at the start. Not knowing what to do. We are so slow and we didnt know about the eggs till its too late hehe.

But we had fun. Every day before we would set out on a journey to get more monsters.

And since I got a free access to amazon prime videos (i got few months free from being a student) my son and I got to watch the cartoons that I grew up watching and he doesnt need to wait every Saturday. He can watch to his hearts content or till I tell him its time to stop =P

Pokemon is our thing. Something we bond on. Something we day dream about together. We want it to be real and my son is always saying he wants a real pokemon buddy.

We are also saving (not successfully) for a DS game called Nintendo Sun. He has £5 haha.

Everytime we go to shops we salivate and dream so more that we can get the cards someday and play with them. This is where being so poor sucks as I cant buy my son those toys. All we do when we visit the store is to plan what we are going to do when we have them and day dream together.

Looking at it now, daydreaming about it together is really the fun bit.

His father (who has got a job & money) bought him those cards. They are now scattered all over the house.

It is really painful for me because Pokemon is 'ours'. Something that we share & love together. They have violin together and Taekwondo and Beavers. Me and my son only have walks in the prom because that is all that I can afford and now he is taking that something away from me by buying him endless cards.

But since its something that they did not really share dreams about my son is not .. valuing the cards as he is suppose to..

I realized that its not really the cards that he want but that moment when we dream about having and playing it. Us being excited in seeing the cards in the packet and being in awe of monsters on the wrapper. When he got the card from his father he was left on his own devices, the card doesnt have its magic because he is not sharing it with me or someone who values it.

We are still playing Pokemon Go together. We dont have those big monsters that others have. But we dream of having them monsters one day! We dream together. We have common goals and reaching those goals together (like evolving our face cute monsters) makes the game fun! Him laughing at me for not being good in catching the monsters with pokeballs. That I need him to catch them for me because I am rubbish in targets! We both get frustrated when the monsters escape. We both get crossed when we only have Drowzee whereever we go. He would make fun of me for always accidentally tripping while walking with the app on. I would laugh at him for always playing pikachu's voice over and over. He said he loves my voice becauze it reminds him of one of the voices in the cartoon. And he loves it when I say that he looks like ash on the DS game (he does!).

As I am tidying the cards scattered around the house I am also realizing that in the end I might not have the money to buy him cards or games or more cards. But Pokemon is really ours because of the moments we share together. The dreams and the goals that we have created. The journey we have together to reach those goals and dreams are far more fun and important and magical.

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Oct. 11th, 2016 12:08 pm (UTC)
You are so right. Spending time and doing things together is incredibly valuable. I know that presents I've bought my children in the past have languished until someone provides the spark. Then the box lid is off and the contents is covering the kitchen table for days. You are that spark for your son and Pokemons. He really will treasure the memory.
Elaine Livingstone
Oct. 13th, 2016 06:49 am (UTC)
You have hit the nail on the head about being a parent, it does not take money to enjoy doing things together. I am sure when he is older he is more likely to remember the walks along the promenade than he is a pack of cards that he scattered around the house.
You keep enjoying your son where he is at the fab age he loves being with you. Keep building that bond so that when he gets older and rebels you can remember the cheerful fun boy that he is now.
Lux G.
Oct. 14th, 2016 08:08 am (UTC)
I remember those days waiting for Pokemon too. I think it's Friday?
It's fun.

And I appreciate the PokemonGo game but I'm not really one who would go out daily to hunt for them so I removed the download in my phone.

The memories you share is priceless.
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