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Finished with #thegirls #throphychild & #iseeyou and now starting with #trulymadlyguilty My son is in the middle of #wonderbook and requested the #harrypotterandthephilosophersstone in Hufflepuff cover as an early birthday gift 😊This is how we spent half term, reading! #books #read #whatimreadingnow #thriller #crimebooks #emilycline #pauladaly #claremackintosh #rjpalacio #jkrowling #lianemoriarty #flowmagazine #amreading #bookstagram #motherandson

I thought that since its half term reading will have to take a backseat.
I am wrong. My son and I devoured as much books as we can during the week!

I finished 3 books and I am starting on a new one and adding a magazine because why not!

The 3 books that I have finished are amazing in their own ways. And here is what I think of each title.
And there might be some spoilers so beware!


The Girls
By Emma Cline

Lives entwined by an attraction to each other. Girls is about a cult and how they are living their life. The words, lyrical and dreamy on some parts.
Emma Cline reminded me of my fave author when I was younger named Francesca Lia Block. She can turn a story into something poetic even if the subject is gory on some parts. Although I would have wish that Emma Cline gave us more reason to be hypnotized by the cult leader (I cant see his charisma) the book showed us how hard it is to escape something that controls you to your core. And how lucky some are not be buried too deep in this cult. It is not as good as I thought it to be but an amazing fast read on a rainy summer day nonetheless.


The Trophy Child
by Paula Daly

Imagine people feeling relieved when you die? How sad is that? This is how Karen Bloom's death affected people. They felt relieved when she died because of this everyone is a suspect. I love the twist and how I kept on guessing who did it. Another fast read and a book that you would want to finish fast to know who did it.

Theres a bit of a weak spot like how the family members got over Karen Bloom's death so fast. She might be a pushy mother but it could do with a bit more of a back story of her life to make her more villanous. The things that she did in the book is not enough for her family to be that relieved when she died.

I See You
By Clare Mackintosh

I love the voice in this book. The Killer's voice specifically doesnt give any clue on who he/she is. Thats why you keep on guessing who the villain is. I love the concept of the crime as its very timely. Computers, CCTVs and technology can be used against you. You, we are being watched. Your routine sold to anyone who can afford to pay the price. And whatever that person wants to do with you is up to the clients of this evil website scheme.

And your friends, are they really what you thought they are? I wont give any ayway but this is a great read to those who loves crime novels.
The experience in policing of the author is obvious as you can feel the realness of how solving crime really works. The process, the setbacks and the rules that goes with investigation. Its in the background but if you pay attention to it you can see those details. I noticed, while reading I can see police hovering, busy in the office with their coffee trying hard to get ahead of the people who do crimes.

An unexpected ending that can be stretch to another book.


I am reading a lot of crime and thriller novels, fast paced stories that keeps me awake at night because I feel the need to finish them. And I want to devour some more. This genre is my new fave and I think I am sticking to it longer. My life is just so boring so at least in my head while reading these books I am living a dangerous life.

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indah nuria Savitri
Jun. 6th, 2017 06:17 pm (UTC)
Some of them are my favorite indeeed
Jun. 12th, 2017 07:41 pm (UTC)
I love to read although haven't read many crime or thriller novels. I think a change of genre would be good for me. I especially like the sound of the Trophy Child. Thanks for the recommendations #MMBC
Debbie Roberts
Jun. 17th, 2017 03:23 pm (UTC)
Hi Merlinda, isn't it fab to be able to sit down and enjoy a book or three? I do like to read a little every day but was tickled pink when I managed to read three books when Gregs was in the hospital back in April. Okay so the circumstances could have been better, but there really was nothing else to do!

I would enjoy any of the three books you have reviewed, but I See You sounds the best.

Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.

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