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Immersive Play

Diving for an imaginary ball. Future Pickford!
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Weston Air Show

I have never seen a day that was as bright as that day. At least that is what I thought until the sunny days did not stopped! I think it is when the heatwave started. 

While we are waiting for the Red Arrows, my son is drawing the Red Arrows haha.

'I wonder if I used the right red?'
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Little Teacher

I am continuously gaining weight and its scary! I decided that I would do something about it and I will start with scootering (is that even a word if not then I am making it one hehe). I am clumsy so scooting is NOT easy for me. I didnt develop a liking of it when in my childhood as well. So all in all I dont know how to scoot and my son is helping me learn how to. He is such a serious teacher! Sometimes I want to laugh at his seriousness because he looks so funny but I am loving it at the same time. I can scoot in a straight line without falling and next time he will teach me how to do a full perfect circle (he made a lesson plan). We only have one scooter at the moment. I dont think its worth getting one for me unless I can stand on it long enough so we will see how this lesson goes. 

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Gromit Unleashed 2

We will never see the whole lots of them but we surely love the ones that we already saw. Getting better every year this one. I am talking about Gromit Unleashed. A project of a charity The Grand Appeal to raise funds for children and their family in Bristol Children's Hospital.  Same hospital that helped me when my son (then a baby) was ill. They are very supportive there and so worth all the help from this project. If you want to know more about them you can check it out here> The Grand  Appeal.

The first one that we saw is the Deep Blue at We are Curious / @Bristol. 

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Bristolian At Heart

Tracing Shaun the Sheep needs a lot of concentration of course.
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Cheeky And A Monkey

Sebastian with Seb Jr. (the monkey).
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He always has an intense gaze.

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