No Escape

This is something that is just in my head for the longest time and wrote it down today. Still needs a lot of tweaking to be honest but here it is.

She kept on running. All that she can hear now is her heartbeat deafening her ears. She has been running for so long now and she doesnt know how much more she has in her. She is tired.

She knows that he is back there. Following him and will catch up with her soon. He is going to lock her up again. And beat her and hurt her and... this is her only chance to escape. Just when she is about to give up she heard cars. A road! Safety.

When she is near the road he grabbed her hair. She screamed hard. Asking help from people but the sound of the cars overwhelms her tired voice.

She breath in and out. Gave her everything to pushed him away. And made the last run.

And she's on a road. And she saw him. And he grabbed her arm. And when she looked at the other side of the road, headlights and then darkness.

She woke up in a hospital bed. She can feel her heart beating, alive.

'Aww you are awake' the doctor said.

You and your friend was run over my a car. She died on the spot. And we used her heart to save you. You should thank your friend.

And she cried because when she looked at the mirror she saw him. She will never escape him ever again.  

So this is my entry for PROSE FOR THOUGHT by the lovely Victoria. What do you think?


Music Teacher

Music is a tricky business for my son. He loves music and given some time with his toy keyboard he can play a tune by ear. But he doesn't like lessons as he has got a bad experience before. He said he was forced into practice sessions by his father where he is always reminded not to move a lot because he might break the violin and its expensive. In some ways its true that violins are expensive so you are not really suppose to move a lot but imagine practicing while being constantly reminded of the price of the violin? Not much fun.

He has got a chance to learn musical instrument this year in school. He ask for guitar lessons because we have a guitar at home. One that old and not as precious as the violin. 

In the last days though I get exasperated when I asked him to practice but he doesn't listen at all. And then one time before he went to sleep we had a talk. I am asking what can I do to inspire him to play more? He cried. He said that me always reminding him to practice brought back memories of his father nagging him to practice his violin. In some ways I had become his father without me even realizing it.

I apologized but told him that the only way that he will learn to play is if he will play it a lot. He said he will practice in his own time. I almost didn't believe that he will. But I said okay. You are in charge of your own practice time. And I will not nag about it. Because I don't want him to have a bad relationship with music.

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Snow Day

How spoiled are we that we got snow two years in a row. Last year we are playing in the seafront all by ourselves (link of the post here if you want to see)! 

Today, this year so many things have changed, I am now working part time. As the snow fell the school announced snow day. As my work is not cancelled and I have nowhere to leave Sebastian, I brought him to work.

Making his mark on the pristine snow =)

In a way its cool because he manage to burn some energy while we walk to work. He would be cranky if he stays inside our house the whole day.

I am proud to say that he is always nice when I bring him to work. He never complain and he just do his own thing (reading or playing switch). I want him to see how work works so I bring him as much as I can.

The snow has thawed while I am writing this but we are thankful for one free day (with a dusting of snow!) where we can just bum around after a few hours of work.

Hope you had fun with your snow day! 

A snowflake went inside his nose!


(My) Legend

I just attended this guy's parents evening in his school and the feedback are all positive!  

But even Legends have some weakness hehe. Handwriting! We need to work on it otherwise he is in greater depth on all of his school subject. 

Good to know that even if our family/my marriage is undergoing an epic breakdown, its not affecting his studies! And I will try my best to support him in school as best as I can.