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I bought this book not knowing what I will experience (have'nt read the reviews) and the book hit me hard on so many levels.

She is the most endearing character that I have read lately. Eleanor is so pure.
Her take on life is fun and funny. The way she learn to embrace technology and modern life is just so childlike.
Her innocence special.

The story (he comes spoilers!) is about a girl and her journey to getting the guy of her dreams.
She lives alone with her plant and the story took off when she is planning on how to win the man that captured her attention.

The first part of the book introduced a lady with a routine that I can so much relate to. A routine that she took all by herself.  In spite of being alone I cant sense loneliness. She then met a new guy from work, Raymond. They both embark on a journey of  new friendship. While personally Eleanor is changing herself to entice someone. Chaning herself to fit the mould that that someone would like.

Her perception that he will like her if she change is wrong and it hit her hard on the second and darker part of the book.
The disappointment lead to her wanting to end her life. Add to the pain is the death of her plant that she had since she was just a girl.

The disappointment and heartbreak was the catalyst for her to seek the truth. Eleanor has been through a lot and survived by not remembering the events that lead to her being alone and different. And when she remembered them it is also became a catalyst for her to change from being isolated to opening up to people and starting to let them in to her life. In the end its her new friends that saved her and her sanity.

The story resonated with me because like her I am alone. I have interaction with people and yet those interaction is controlled.
Limited and I only let them see what I only allowed them to see. I am her. Walking with my bag going here and there and yet no one knows me. No one dared to know me deeper.

What helped Eleanor in the story is when she started to let people to her protected world.

My life started to change too when I started telling people (beyond the blog) of what is really going on inside the walls of our flat, inside my room and inside my head.

In the story, Eleanor survived by creating a superhero (that dream guy) that will save her. And she morphed into the girl that that guy would want to save and be with.

In my head too I have created so many superheroes (police, charities, politician, god, man of gods and a friend of my father who is rich) that I am dreaming who would help me get out of this rut. I daydream of them. I daydream that they would come and save me and they would get me out of here and would provide accomodation. Shit like that.

I also have an awakening. That the knight in shining armour will not come.
When your only hope is dead, you tend to lose grasp to live.

Eleanor is so lucky to have Raymond. I have Raymonds too.
People who are trying to reach out to me and help me.  The other Moms in my son's school, bloggers who read me, my sister and my son.

Eleanor's story gives me hope. I hope that like her I will in the end find peace.

Read her story. You will laugh with her, dream with her and cry with her.
And you will appreciate the friends that stays with you no matter how weird you are.




Feb. 20th, 2018 03:35 pm (UTC)
This sounds like an interesting read. Thanks for sharing your review with #pocolo


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