Half Term Request

He really wanted to go to Bristol. Its a request and I kept on saying tomorrow .. then tomorrow. In my defense it is really raining in the last few days. But Thursday came and it is not raining as hard. Just so we will go he promised that we dont need to buy anything! We just need to bring our own food. 

That we did and were off. Its sunshine and showers the whole day!

But funny enough its only raining when we are inside and it would stop when we are out. As in!

Looking at the intricate Bristol Cathedral Ceiling. He is in the middle center line. Can you see the shiny floor tiles?

We just visited the usual places like the Cathedral, the library, the Bristol Museum, the park and the harbourside. He wanted to go in We Are Curious (old @Bristol) but I reminded him that we cant afford it. He let it go. 

Amaze on how wet everything is when we didn't even heard the raindrops inside the Cathedral.
The obligatory 'Help the dinosaur is chasing me' photo at the Bristol Museum. And can you just look at that fierce shadow of the dinosaur!!! SCARY!
We both love The Great British Pottery Throw Down!
Still making the ceiling at the lobby interesting, this one.

I am constantly asking him if he wants to buy food from Tesco but he said he is okay. The whole day we just really finished the food that we brought with us. I have to admit that I am so amazed of how good he is in keeping his promise that I bought him a Super Mario fridge magnet!

I guess although he loves Weston-Super-Mare (or does he =P) he just really want a change of scenery. The last time that we went out of WSM is November last year and it was a very very bad experience for the both of us. And this is so the opposite of that! Today is fun and I am so proud of him. He is always such a good boy and though I am not lucky in so many aspect of my life, in him I am.

BRISTOL is my word of the week.

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