Tummy Ache

I am going to the clinic/surgery tomorrow to hopefully see a doctor. I have this achy tummy since last December. I was thinking it is going to go away but it just kept on being painful, more painful everyday and night. Especially at night. I also need to pee a lot. I was feeling this for the whole 3 months. I got into depression last Christmas so even if I am feeling tummy ache I still did not do anything about it. Its just that now, the pain can be unbearable and I was thinking it might be something more serious. I am scared to go because I dont want to find out what it is. I dont know how to handle another bad news. I have so much of those. But I will do it today. Because of the pain. Wish me luck, will you please? I can use all the good luck that I can get. 

Getting an appointment is what I am thinking of the whole week. That it my word of the week. 

UPDATE: I got one! Later after lunch. Fingers crossed its nothing serious. 

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