Snow Walking Wizard

Looking for our flying car in the parking so we can fly home faster =P

I thought that the snow would dampen World Book Day for this one but it didn't. The school cancelled the class a wee bit late as we are already in there. So instead of sending us home to a stormy weather they let the kids in for a while to warm up before we head out again. It has given my son some time to mingle with his fellow wizards, witches, pirates and every other book character you can think of. 

He is just so happy to be given a chance to share his fave book character to his classmates and see who his classmates love. There are other Harry Potters in there and my son loved it. He said it was almost like Hogwarts.

By the time we head out, the weather is calmer and I even had time to take photos of him without the thick layers he was wearing in the morning. 

Oculus Reparo!

Its so calm that we even have time to go to the library. Its so surreal to see Harry Potter use the computer hehe. 

Looking for Diagon Alley in Google Maps!

And since its a snow day (I just learned what this means today hehe) we of course rented a Harry Potter movie to enjoy at home because what else is there to do on a windy snowy stormy day.

Harry Potter is my word of the week.

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