Ice Exploration

I have to admit that this walk is a bit bad for me as I fell. But not that bad because I am wearing so much layer that it doesn't hurt at all. I made a mental note to wear those things that you attach to your shoes so that the pavement wont be slippery next time.

Him on the other hand enjoyed it immensely as he is wearing the proper attire and he found a new walking company (before its usually a stick from the seafront), a slab of ice. And we don't have to wait to reach the seafront to get the slab of ice. Just in front of our front door, its there. Waiting for him, ready to be picked up!

He is so amaze on how thick the ice is but how soft they are where you step on them. Exactly a new experience and a new adventure! Every year I am wishing for snow for him because of this, to learn.

The slab of ice break so you constantly need to get a new one. Good thing theres always one to find along our walk. Like this one. 

When we reach the seafront he is just so amaze again on how the ice changed the landscape. White but the sea remained the same. I think he is expecting it to be hard and skating rink like. I say this walk is a big science exploration for us. 

Why is the snow thick but not solid? How does it change the land but not the sea? How can seagulls and crows survive the cold? Are the plants dead?

Just the few questions that came up while we are outside.

Constant running kept him warm of course. Running helped me a bit too as again I am not wearing the proper shoes (I dont have any winter shoes sadly).

A bigger slab of ice by the promenade finished our walk. He wants to bring this one home as a sample. But it broke. He wants to stay outside some more but I can no longer feel my toes so we headed back. I am sure he would live outside if he can! Again one of the nice thing to live where we are is that after I am warm, we can just go out and explore some more. And explore we will again! 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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