My son is now 7 years old and will be 8 this June. He is slowly moving from Cbeebies to CBBC. We dont have a TV for about 2 years (someone gave us one few months ago). But we always watch from our ipad mini before that. CBBC is an amazing channel. My son always love their shows there and I feel better because I know nothing in there is bad for my son. 

Creeped Out is one of the shows that we watched together because its a kids horror show. He is not scared of it but I just want to be there when he watch it as I feel better. I could be there to hold his hand when the scenes are tense.

But when we need to watch one episode it gave me real fear.

Marti episode from Creeped Out is about a girl being controlled by her phone. At first the smartphone named Marti (as I supposed like Siri) helps her be the coolest girl in school. Then suddenly Marti starts to make request, then the request turns to commands. She needs to do whatever the phone asked her or otherwise the phone can destroy her life by showing Marti made up videos and text messages that can be sent to his friends. So the school girl followed Marti's every request losing her friends, their trust and being isolated in the process. In the end she escaped Marti. Or did she?

My son finds the story interesting. He views this as the girl is addicted to her gadget and that needs to end. Made him think of his gadgets and how much he use it. Me? After watching it, I cried so hard. Because to the others who watched it is a fun creepy story and you should not be addicted to your gadgets otherwise you will lose your real life. But to me... to me.. its the controlling that is real. That girl is me being controlled by the Marti in my life.

To me, its the story of my life.




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