I have to be honest that this week I dont remember all the things that I did. Mostly because they are routines. Things that I am doing before. But the one thing that stand out is my blood test. Its been a while since I had one. While pregnant with my son I think I did so much of those that I got use to it.

They took two big vials from me. Its so weird seeing your blood. I am not even sure I can feel out those tubes but I did. The Nurse who did it is amazing. I felt the needle but its not as painful as I anticipated it. I was actually surprised that it is done! She took so much though that my left arm hurts days after. Now I am waiting for the result of that blood test. I hope they will find nothing. That the tummy pain is just because of the stress I get from my marriage.

Bloodtest is my word of the week. 

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