Make Your Mama Proud

This one has made me so proud last Sunday and he doesn't even know it. While playing with a friend in the playground they hit their heads together and their faces almost touch. My son said to his friend while laughing 

Hey you need to ask permission before you can kiss me!

Its so innocent and the girl just laugh while holding her head as well. They really bumped their heads hard! And they moved to the next play equipment together. And I am so proud that he is applying consent even at the playground. I would always tell him about asking first before he can play, share his food, hold hands, kiss and hug someone. And that before someone can do this to him they need to ask him first.

Being in a relationship like mine, the last thing that I want my son to be is someone who force himself to people. And being in a time where #metoo is being discussed a lot, it is imperative for me to teach my son consent this early until it became his normal. And I think that the event last Sunday proved that it is working.

Teaching consent to a child is a long process. I know that I need to continuously teach and remind him about it. And I wont stop telling him that he needs to ask for a yes or no and it is okay to say no or yes himself.

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