Mini Beast

This morning my son and I had been fighting, like yesterday. See our house is actually a bedsit, (about) 3mx3m room that really gives us real cabin fever. Its time for us to have a walk outside otherwise we would never stop fighting. And outside we go!  I didnt No one slipped this time too! And the wind is more bearable so we stayed longer at the seafront. Our walk is not a hurried one like the last Beast from the East. We actually linger to enjoy the view. Just look at Brean Down dusted with white snow!

Sebastian is happy and free outside and loves chasing birds.
Just a picture of birds...

We dont have enough snow in our terrace to build a snowman. We are so happy that someone made one near the Pier. And we of course took some photos!

A snowman... Sebastian poses, but who's snowman is that and what is the name of the snowman?

Sebastian says looking worried, ''This is slippery!'' and stays still.
He cleans off the sign about the marathon event which was cancelled (see more about it below.)

A big half marathon was cancelled. The organizers are so amazing with the marketing of this event so its so sad that they have to cancel. They are so well prepared too that you will see signs like this all over the town weeks before the event.

A sunny background, sandcastles, deckchairs and donkeys! Sebastian poses and pretends he fed the donkeys!

We pass by a closed shop and look at that weather on their door. We totally miss the donkeys and those deck chairs and we are looking forward to summer when we can have them back again!

I love winter and snow as they are still a novelty for someone like me who is from the tropics. But I am so way over the gloom that goes with the season. So hopefully next week spring?

(Picture captions by Sebastian).

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