Colors On A Gloomy Day

Its so gloomy outside so we thought of bringing our own (neon green) color. Writing random things while going out is normal with this one. And isnt that notebook's color amazing? But I have to admit not enough to add color to a gray spring morning.

Imagine our surprise when we saw the seafront basking in color! No one can deny that spring is here and its the start of people coming out! So nice to see that they have added some more rides for tourist to enjoy!

We need to try the rides ourselves first of course! And my son is always so brave to try new heights. Me on the other hand is not very adventurous.

So I sat on the bench waiting for him. But the carousel is actually a nice view while waiting. So many details to absorb! This is an even better carousel from the last one.

And when he came down he told me what he saw up there. Sweeping view of the whole town he said.

I am just so happy to see this rides! It is nice to have the beach but these new additions are lovely. Extra activity in the future half term days! If its this pretty here on a gloomy day I can only imagine how much more when spring made its presence felt! 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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