'Cause Baby You're A Firework!

It was a busy Easter Half Term here. So many events to go and a fireworks display is a nice way to end the break with a bang. I actually thought that its going to get cancelled again (like the last time) as though its not raining the wind is strong and its too cold. But they went ahead. We chose a spot where we will see the fireworks at it best. Wrong move as the smoke just went straight to us.  

This is my most decent photo! The smoke is just enveloping the fireworks.

After moving position we did enjoy the rest of the display. Its always amazing to see fireworks. 

After the display, the spectators (like us) didn't go home just yet and tried the rides at the area. Its so bright and just feels so safe to wander around even if its late. Plus there are lots of police presence everywhere.

I feel so bored in this town already not because its boring but because I feel the need to at least go somewhere but we dont have the budget. I have a cabin town fever haha. I long to go farther than here. I long to go see something different. But we try our best to enjoy where we are and I am so glad that there are events like this to make the drabbest holiday into something a wee bit special. 

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