Bristolian At Heart

Tracing Shaun the Sheep needs a lot of concentration of course.

He is 8! He requested for a party and a trip to Cardiff or Kidzania or Legoland. We dont have a budget for any of those. He then asked if we can at least go to Bristol. I said yes we can afford that one. And if you can only see how much his face lighted up when I said yes. Hehe. This guy just 8 years old and yet so understanding of our predicament. So when payday came we head to Bristol at @Bristol (now called We Are Curious) as it is his fave museum. I think he is expecting it to be different because of the name change. He is not disappointed to find out that its still the same as he just love the place as it is. We went in early and stayed for quite a while. I remember the first few times we went in here. He would just go and look and run to the next display and were out. He is truly getting older as he is staying on every display/activity area longer. Especially loving the animation section of the museum. He created so many stop-motion videos! 

Future is animation haha!

And as its tradition for him to always play at the Millennium Square fountain that is what we did next to cool down. We didn't have a change of clothes but its okay as with this heat everything would just dry up in a few minutes!

As we stayed so long in the museum and the Square, everything is already closing when we got out (yes we really stayed that long in there). We just killed our time playing, reading, people watching and eating at College Green Park. We did a wee bit of walking too to catch some pokemons and thats it. We also got to see some cute statues! We are so out of loop of whats going on in Bristol that we are surprised to find out the Gromit Unleashed 2 exhibit. There are 3 around the area we visited. Hopefully we can go back to see some more of them!

Posing with Gromit before going in WeAreCurious. Noticed the wallet? He got in for free as he's got Blue Peter Badge and ID! Yey!
Catching pokemon and posing with Gromit again!

We had some problems with the bus going home and it too hot that day but I didn't hear any complains (its mostly me who did the complaining!). He did not ask for me to buy him things in the shops (from the museum or from outside) even if I know there are some interesting toys that caught his attention. He is just happy to be there he said. Far from home and the worries that we have there.

So its safe to say we had an okay Bristol day =) 


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