Gromit Unleashed 2

We will never see the whole lots of them but we surely love the ones that we already saw. Getting better every year this one. I am talking about Gromit Unleashed. A project of a charity The Grand Appeal to raise funds for children and their family in Bristol Children's Hospital.  Same hospital that helped me when my son (then a baby) was ill. They are very supportive there and so worth all the help from this project. If you want to know more about them you can check it out here> The Grand  Appeal.

The first one that we saw is the Deep Blue at We are Curious / @Bristol. 

Second statue is at College Green Park! Pretty awesome seatmate and look at how massive his teacup is! Like a paddling pool =P

Third statue is of Gromit bearing the iconic Bristol spots. My personal fave!

And the best bit? We have one near us! Few steps away from our doorstep is a clown Gromit named Giggles. Yey!

We are looking forward to seeing more Gromit Unleashed Statues! We have the whole school holiday to find them as we are just going to be here at Weston and (hopefully) Bristol too. 

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