Cool Mom Points

He blurted out 

It's way cooler to hang out with you now!!

while we are scooting together, side by side on the high street late afternoon/early night time. 

I rarely do activities with him like this. I am clumsy and I always fear falling. So when he bikes he bikes by himself. When he scoot I am just at the background either running trying to keep up or taking photos to capture moments.

I just thought I am gaining weight and scooting seems easy. Why not I try it? Him teaching me while using just one scooter is not easy but I learned a bit. Enough for me to buy one. I got this cool scooter reduced price. In the end though he is the one using the new scooter and I end up using the old one. I dont have a helmet yet but I cant really buy everything in one go. So that's next on my list to buy (probably next year with how my budget is going on haha).

Tonight we did scoot together. We were racing. He is teaching me how to go smoothly. He graded my scooting 9 out of 10! I am okay with that! We were talking about techniques. 

Its so amazing how I just learned something from playing outside with him. It is okay to bring the kids outside but its better if you play with them! Just look at that smile!

At first I thought he is telling me that its cooler to hang out with me now because we have a new scooter. I just realized now that its cooler to hang out with me because we do something together. Not just me being a governess like when he is playing but me being a scooter buddy, a playmate. I really need to be mindful when I am with him. Lately my mind is just flying somewhere, thinking of something else, worrying about things or even just tinkering on my phone instead of paying attention. That I might have been there but not really. I really need to be present, body and mind.

I will try my best!

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