Weston Air Show

I have never seen a day that was as bright as that day. At least that is what I thought until the sunny days did not stopped! I think it is when the heatwave started. 

While we are waiting for the Red Arrows, my son is drawing the Red Arrows haha.

'I wonder if I used the right red?'

And when they came everyone stopped what they are doing and collectively looked up at the sky. I thought that I will get use to their greatness. I am wrong. I would never stop being in awe with them, with their supersonic powers.

And of course seagulls photo bombed my photo =P
I dont know what this stunt is called but lets call it spring roll. Yum!
And the sea delivered that day. NOT A MUD IN SIGHT!
I just want to include this colorful photo even if the Arrows are blurry in the horizon.
Sun starting to set. And we were given a lovely glow.

 I werent able to photograph the people who attended but there are lots. I am so happy for the businesses that were there. 

It started to get windy when night sets in. Very windy for the next new event that the organizers are introducing this year: balloons!

But they never gave up. All of us waited for the wind to at least calm down. 

We waited together. Everyone being patient. But the wind stayed the same. 

Cheering up the balloon guys!
Its so clear we can Cardiff well.

They announced that the balloon wont go up but everyone stayed few more minutes to enjoy and soak up the beauty of the horizon. Its hard to be disappointed as we were treated with a lovely sunset. It was a good day.

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