What Is On The Other Side

We always love looking out on horizon when we are in the beach. We know that the place that we can see on the right is Wales. We visited some parts of Wales but not the beach over looking us. We always wonder what it looks like. When we are looking, we are wondering if someone out there is looking back at us.

Luckily we were able to join a bus trip going to Wales specifically Barry Island. One of the places that we can see from where we live and we're excited.

First stop, St Fagans National Museum of History. A museum that chronicles the historical lifestyle, culture, and architecture of the Welsh people. Its free!

The place is massive! The entrance building has a shop, information center, a cafe and toilet facilities. Walking out from the cafe door we started our journey to the left side which is vast space that has the re-erected buildings from various locations in Wales. Like this pigsty! 

Walking is imperative to reach each structure in this open-air museum. Although it is hot the day we visited, the tall trees covered the sun and made walking to each structure more bearable. 

And there are lots of benches along the way for a quick rest when walking is a bit much. And we used those a lot. There are lots of visitors when we went but the place is just so big that when you are inside it wont feel congested at all. There's just enough space for everyone.

We then proceed to the other side which has the St Fagans Castle. I was actually expecting something bigger. This castle looks more like a mansion. The areas around it is lovely. The garden is amazing and the landscape majestic.

As it was a hot day we were followed by a lot of bees and wasp as we walk along.

After a quick rest we then headed to Whitmore Bay. They have amazing facilities for beachgoers. Colorful beach hut, a covered playing area for the kids and a climbing wall.

We spent the afternoon bathing and walked further after. I have to admit that the arcade could be better but the place in general is amazing and our local beach could benefit from having the facilities that this beach has (shower area and free toilets, sadly you have to pay to go to the toilets in WSM).

We love this trip of course. Any trip where we go beyond Bristol is always welcome. The different language is amazing too. My son kept busy inside the bus by looking at the Welsh version of the traffic signs. We do wish we can go back again. The sooner the better =) 

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