Nearing The End

As its sunny this Friday we have no other destination but the beach! With our cameras we head out to enjoy the bright and warm Friday. And to be honest a lot of other people have the same idea as the beach is full to the brim (they started arriving after we took these photos)! And when there are people, there are donkeys!

Its so amazing to see families spend the last few days of the holidays together. That first photo of the family hugging behind my son is just the sweetest! I wish my son can hug my parents like that.

We then head out to the far end of the beach and took some more photos!

As we are in the last days of the summer holidays I am pretty nostalgic on what we did. Looking back into the holidays I think we went out and have reached far places more than I expected. I mean we went to Cardiff & Barry Islands

One thing that is new to us is my son has started falling in love with drawing as well. A boy after my own heart haha! He draws everywhere. Inside the house and out. Here he is at the seafront drawing the horizon. If you want to see his creations you can head over my instagram account and have a nosey at his colorful drawings.


He even became a finalist to an amazing drawing competition by Bic. Here it is if you want to see:

And its a voting competition so if you have some time and would want to vote here is the link> VOTE HERE!

Thank you very much to those who already voted. I really appreciate it. I mean we are not going to win this but we can try! And if you can please share to your social media.

I am counting the days for when he goes back to school. Part of me likes it because I can finally have a time to catch up on sleep! But a bigger part of me doesnt want the summer holidays to end. It just so amazing to go out and spend some time with this guy who is growing up so fast.


Summer holidays is my word of the week.

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