One of our conversation yesterday, while we are doing our early night walk was about marriage. He said he wont get married (for him this means not get in relationship with someone) when he is older because he doesn't want to argue like me and his father. His words broke my heart because I ruined love? for this young boy.

I thought hard before answering him. Argument is normal to people. We argue as well as mother and son but we never stop being mother and son. We just get mad at each other and then try to talk it out and explains things, listen to reasons and try to have a solution to our argument. 

I told him that his father and I argue now and maybe we will separate because he (his father) never listen to me. I told him to listen to people. To hear their side of the story and try to respect decisions.

I told him that if he continues to listen and respect decisions, even if he argue with someone it doesnt mean that the relationship will end like mine.

That arguments is not the only reason why marriage ends but (in my case) lies and lack of respect to your partner and their words and promises.

But its just easier if I will not get married.

And he run to play in the sand.

Hopefully someday I (or maybe someone who will be special to him) can show him that when you are with the right person arguments doesnt end relationship but can make it stronger. Someday.

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