Silver Lining

There is one good thing that came up with the problem with my husband, people who supports me no matter what.

I have found a tribe of Moms, fellow bloggers and friends who are staying with me and my son through our journey here.

I always feel alone before especially when I asked help from authorities who I thought will support me with ending my marriage. They did not help at all. But the friends that I have gained along the way did and still is helping me find my way.

Recently my son has won as a finalist in a competition and the blogging community (in addition to the Moms from my son's school) helped me in spreading the news about it.

I know, I know that we will not win the voting competition but I just want to see as to how far we can go. And I am so touch on how people are doing their best to help my son gain votes.

I know that they are there to help but I just felt everyone's presence when they went out of their way to help me.

The support from fellow females are amazing. I feel stronger. The support that I felt is not just about the competition but more about my life in general. How can I have doubted them? I am just trying to get my mind around the support I am getting.

To everyone, I can never thank you enough but THANK YOU!


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