Highs And Lows

The week started with us readying for school. Last minute ironing of uniforms and trying everything again if clothes and shoes still fit.

And then school!


Our Wednesday is spent running from school to the library to catch the last few minutes of my son's fave authors' talk. Christopher Edge is already finishing up when we arrived but my son is totally starstruck seeing him. I did all the talking as he is suddenly speechless. A high of the week.


Thursday is me and my son running again to meet an appointment after school. This time its in Bristol. We will finally see my son's drawing on a billboard scattered around Bristol. And were going to have a photoshoot for the press release of the event. Another high? 

Nope =( 

We arrived to this  

This is not my son's work. Sadly all the billboard that was installed all over Bristol is of the one from Newport. My son is devastated. Imagine waiting for days to see your work in a bigger scale only to see someone elses.

No photoshoot happened.

We did get an apology email and photos of the billboard of my son's work from the PR company handling this. We dont know where but they do exist.

A low for us especially my son. He is so stressed that he did not want to go to school today. Its because he  told his new teacher and classmates what we will do and he has nothing to show anyone. 

I am embarrass as well as I told the school of the photoshoot. I requested if Sebastian can leave an hour early so we can meet the appointment. And I promised photos as they said they will help in spreading the news so that people can vote. I have nothing as well.

I feel disappointed. But what can we do? I just wished that I did not dragged my son all the way to Bristol just to be disappointed. We didnt have a car and the call time is in a rush hour. So we head back home in a train full of people with me carrying a big bag of stuff that I thought we could use for the shoot, feeling so down.

But we got a seat in a rush hour. Thats a high right?

Highs and lows is my word of the week.

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