Two Thumbs Up!

The billboards has been sorted and we can finally do the photo shoot for the pen competition where my son is a finalist of. The billboard is a few minutes away from Bedminster Train Station. Few meters away from the billboard my son stopped and gasped. Seeing your work up on a massive wall can be overwhelming. So much more with kids! He jumped up and down too.

We met up with the Simon the photographer and he took some photos.

Afterwards we stayed a bit more just so Sebastian can look at his billboard. It wont stay up long so he needs to absorb as much details as he can that afternoon. I let him stand there for minutes and minutes. Sometimes he would laugh by himself but he mostly just look.

But it started to rain so we started walking back to the train station to go home. I think if he can bring that thing home he will.

Such an amazing thing for a boy to experience.

Going home we finally noticed Bedminster. How amazing the walls are in there. Full of graffiti!

It would have been nice to visit again and see what wall art we can find. And we will.

Going back to the train station is an art exploration experience in itself. So much  amazing graffiti! 

Sebastian said its like visiting a museum but outside and in a train station! As we still have time before the train arrives we look at each drawing. This is such a joy for a child who is starting to tinker with colors. Before he draws black and white.

So Bedminster Train Station get 2 thumbs up from this guy! You have an amazing train station or museum or both =P

So many new experiences happening in his life. This trip, the photo shoot and seeing the graffiti in this train station is one part of them. So this trip gets a 2 thumbs up from me too!

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