There are changes happening inside of me. I need a new contact lens. The one that is varifocal probably. I am gaining weight at a rapid rate so its safe to say my metabolism already left. Meaning I am getting old(er). Meaning its...

Its my birthday! 

I would want to wish for somethings (going home, finally having a separation, going home) but I know they wont come true so I wont bother. That magazine in my instagram account is the only gift that I can afford at the moment so I will enjoy reading that.

Its a sad and lonely birthday like the rest of my birthdays here in the UK but I guess a birthday is better than ...

This year has not been easy. Its dark and evil and tiring. You wouldnt imagine whats going inside our house, more so inside my mind. But thanks to my friends who balances the darkness with goodness. 


The Reading Residence


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