A Girl's Face

I have forgotten how to draw a girl specifically a girl's face. It use to be that I can draw a face fast but nowadays I am struggling. The whole week I am trying to draw girl's faces. When I held the pencil it felt so strange. My first reaction was fear. I have been drawing girls as long as I can remember. As a child, as a tween, teenager, up until few years ago. So when I cant draw a face I got scared that I have forgotten how to. I dont want to forget. I need to draw more. More than ever as I am getting older. 


I managed to do this one (instagram photo above). It looks okay but what you wont see is how much tries I did just so I can do this angle. How many tries I did before I manage to come up with her. 

I promise myself that I will practice more. And when I get that skill back I promise not to stop so that I wont lose it ever again. When I cant draw it felt like I lost a big part of myself. I already lost so much of me in the last years. I dont want to lose some more of me.

My word of the week is draw.

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