I legit forgotten that its Friday today! So I am doing this entry late.

My week is full of my part time work, looking for more work and a job interview. But the thing that ruled my week are my eyes.

I now have a reading glasses! I am still adjusting to a life of having a (different) glasses when I read books at night. Its so weird! I am still using my old eyeglasses for when I am out and about. But reading is trickier now so I need glasses for that. I am getting old *insert crying here*

I am also trying a new contact lens for free. A real comfortable brand. I use this brand before but not the daily ones. I have to admit a lot comfier than the 2 weeks one that I use to wear but it feels wasteful to throw one every night every after use. I know for a fact that when you flush your old lens or throw it on the sink it goes in the bodies of water and fish might eat it. So when I need to go back to the optician I will request for the monthly ones so that I will feel wee bit better about the environment and I of course promise to dispose of them properly. Contact lens are not cheap! This whole eyesight malarkey is so expensive!!!

Eyesight is my word of the week.

The Reading Residence


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