Jeans and DNA

He was so quiet while looking.
We can stay here forever because its so warm. Like a mini fireplace!

We didn't go anywhere during the Christmas holidays but yesterday we did go back to Bristol just to have a wander. Its so cold! So many times during our walk I cant feel my feet but its so worth it as this little guy had so much fun. He misses this place so much and I explained to him why he loves Bristol so much. Its because his Grandfather is from there and its in his genes to love and know the place by heart. For which he replied,

 'Jeans like my trousers!' 

Ummm no.. like your DNA not your jeans!

DNA like the police! Cool!

That conversation pretty much sums up every conversation that I have with him. Hehe to be a mother of a boy =P

Wheres Seb? The little guy in the middle who cant wait to try helterskelter!


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