Snow Day

How spoiled are we that we got snow two years in a row. Last year we are playing in the seafront all by ourselves (link of the post here if you want to see)! 

Today, this year so many things have changed, I am now working part time. As the snow fell the school announced snow day. As my work is not cancelled and I have nowhere to leave Sebastian, I brought him to work.

Making his mark on the pristine snow =)

In a way its cool because he manage to burn some energy while we walk to work. He would be cranky if he stays inside our house the whole day.

I am proud to say that he is always nice when I bring him to work. He never complain and he just do his own thing (reading or playing switch). I want him to see how work works so I bring him as much as I can.

The snow has thawed while I am writing this but we are thankful for one free day (with a dusting of snow!) where we can just bum around after a few hours of work.

Hope you had fun with your snow day! 

A snowflake went inside his nose!


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