No Escape

This is something that is just in my head for the longest time and wrote it down today. Still needs a lot of tweaking to be honest but here it is.

She kept on running. All that she can hear now is her heartbeat deafening her ears. She has been running for so long now and she doesnt know how much more she has in her. She is tired.

She knows that he is back there. Following him and will catch up with her soon. He is going to lock her up again. And beat her and hurt her and... this is her only chance to escape. Just when she is about to give up she heard cars. A road! Safety.

When she is near the road he grabbed her hair. She screamed hard. Asking help from people but the sound of the cars overwhelms her tired voice.

She breath in and out. Gave her everything to pushed him away. And made the last run.

And she's on a road. And she saw him. And he grabbed her arm. And when she looked at the other side of the road, headlights and then darkness.

She woke up in a hospital bed. She can feel her heart beating, alive.

'Aww you are awake' the doctor said.

You and your friend was run over my a car. She died on the spot. And we used her heart to save you. You should thank your friend.

And she cried because when she looked at the mirror she saw him. She will never escape him ever again.  

So this is my entry for PROSE FOR THOUGHT by the lovely Victoria. What do you think?


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