Living Arrows

Sebastian is behind in swimming. This Easter holidays I enrolled him in a crash course swimming lesson (its cheaper than normal lessons). He has done about 6 terms of lessons in school and in my head he at least knows how to float. But I am wrong, in starting the crash course he is so scared of the water and is just starting with every theory in swimming that he was suppose to know in the first term of his school swimming lessons.

What surprises me the most is he is scared to jump on low waters when every morning we do the school run he would jump the seawall that is higher/taller than him and land on the sand gracefully.

I want to blame the school for this but it is really my fault. I know I should have brought him out more to go swimming. But we just cant before.

Since its hot in the last days I brought him in the Marine Lake near us and he practiced his jumping in the water. He did lots and he is not as scared as when we are in the proper pool. 

And he is so happy that he is able to jump without being scared. 

Im planning on exposing him more to the pool and some more lessons. I just need to work out the budget and logistics. Fingers crossed I can do this because we live near the water and knowing how to swim is imperative!

He also read a lot and eat a lot! He called himself bottomless pit!
He also read a lot and eat a lot! He called himself bottomless pit!
Living Arrows
Living Arrows


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