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Midweek Stop

Its a real busy week for this little guy. In addition to school there's swimming on Monday, trip to Wookey Hole on Tuesday and an inter-school sports event on Wednesday and a lot more events to attend this weekend. So Thursday is rest day and we went out for a much needed beach walk. We brought our cameras and he took a lot of photos of the sun setting. Sadly my camera is broken and I can only take photos of people (its forever on portrait mode) so I took photos of him instead of course!

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I Want To Ride My Bicycle

We missed an event in a park near us but we manage to see friends. Here he is borrowing a bike from a friend. Its big so he needs help with start and stop. Otherwise he rode the bike well. But he did complain about an achy bum =P

Best Day Ever

Sunday walk is the best day in his book. Few days before that, seafront is off limits to us because of the strong winds. Having the freedom to walk there again made him really happy!

Living Arrows

A Girl's Face

I have forgotten how to draw a girl specifically a girl's face. It use to be that I can draw a face fast but nowadays I am struggling. The whole week I am trying to draw girl's faces. When I held the pencil it felt so strange. My first reaction was fear. I have been drawing girls as long as I can remember. As a child, as a tween, teenager, up until few years ago. So when I cant draw a face I got scared that I have forgotten how to. I dont want to forget. I need to draw more. More than ever as I am getting older. 

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There are changes happening inside of me. I need a new contact lens. The one that is varifocal probably. I am gaining weight at a rapid rate so its safe to say my metabolism already left. Meaning I am getting old(er). Meaning its...

Its my birthday! 

I would want to wish for somethings (going home, finally having a separation, going home) but I know they wont come true so I wont bother. That magazine in my instagram account is the only gift that I can afford at the moment so I will enjoy reading that.

Its a sad and lonely birthday like the rest of my birthdays here in the UK but I guess a birthday is better than ...

This year has not been easy. Its dark and evil and tiring. You wouldnt imagine whats going inside our house, more so inside my mind. But thanks to my friends who balances the darkness with goodness. 


The Reading Residence

Two Thumbs Up!

The billboards has been sorted and we can finally do the photo shoot for the pen competition where my son is a finalist of. The billboard is a few minutes away from Bedminster Train Station. Few meters away from the billboard my son stopped and gasped. Seeing your work up on a massive wall can be overwhelming. So much more with kids! He jumped up and down too.

We met up with the Simon the photographer and he took some photos.

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